Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This weekend Kelley and J are having a kids party.  Kelley invited some people who aren't aware of our entire relationship.  Since most of the people ARE aware of it, she decided to tell the two couples who don't know.  One couple who they don't know very well, she emailed.  They replied with a very nice email about how they weren't freaked out and were still going to come and if they had any questions they'd email.  That was good.  The other couple I think Kelley will probably call.  The female half works with J.  We were all at their house this past weekend for their daughter's birthday party, so they have interacted with me and Cheesemeister and BB quite a few times, and we like them.  Hopefully knowing us and liking us will negate any issues they have with our situation.  
Cheesemeister is on his way over to Kelley & J's place as I type to help with some yard work.  We kind of used up their Sunday time hanging out at their place so I don't think they got as much done as they wanted... solution?  CM and BB going over there to help out as much as possible.  It's nice to have extra people to help out.  Another advantage to the poly lifestyle....everyone should do this!  ;-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kids-free weekends rule!

This weekend we were kids-free!  It was sooo nice.  BB & M went to their grandparents and then Kelley & J came over to our place late Friday night.  We each got to spend the evening with our spouses and then all day Saturday all together.  Kelley & I shopped (after some much over-do girl on girl action) while Cheesemeister & J played XBox.  Then we all went out for dinner at a Japanese Hibachi grill and Kelley & put on pajamas and we all went to see "The Other Guys." I think J was the only one of us who really liked it.  There were a few funny parts, but mostly it was kind of lame.  Sunday we got up, went out to breakfast and walked down to the Farmer's market a few blocks from our house.  Kelley & J had to leave around 11:30 to meet her parents and pick up M.  It was nice hanging out with each other and not worrying about what the girls were doing, who was watching them, if they had eaten, giving baths, reading kids books, having to edit what we say, do, watch on TV, etc.  We used to try and do a kids-free weekend monthly, but I think it had been awhile since we'd had one.  It was much needed.  

I have some exciting news.  I was offered a new job at a large university hospital about an hour away from where we live.  It's about 1/2 hour from Kelley & J.  The money is better and the benefits are awesome.  Since Cheesemeister isn't working, he and BB can't currently get health insurance through my job, but I will be able to insure them at my new job.  I'm happy about that, plus it's a HUGE clinic, with lots of doctors and tons of learning opportunities.  I'm really excited about it, though not excited about an hour long drive.  Cheesemeister and I will both be driving an hour away, to the same area (his school is in the neighboring town to where I'll be working).  However, as I've mentioned, the housing market sucks so badly right now that we owe more on the house than it's worth...  So, we're stuck here for awhile.  Maybe in a year or so, there will be some miracle and our house will go up in value so that we could at least walk away even...  *hopes*

Cheesemeister will finish his semester this week and then have a couple weeks off.  BB starts kindergarten in September.  It's going to be a lot of new adjustments for her in a short period of time.  I hope she handles it okay.  CM is worried about her and starting to think about Young 5's rather than kindergarten.  I don't know.  I think I'd like to see how she does in Kindergarten.  She's definitely smart enough, just not sure if she's socially ready.  

Hmm...that's about it.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone besides me wrote on here?  Yeah, I think so too....  ;-)   

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lake

We are currently on vacation.  All 6 of us, plus Kelley's parents and her sister and her nephew.  It is great...  sitting by the lake, remembering when we were here last year and how I realized on that trip that I was really and truly in love with these people... I remember laying in that bed with Kelley, kissing her, feeling her skin against mine.  I remember sitting at the bonfire and getting butterflies when J looked at me.  I remember feeling happy when Cheesemeister and Kelley were laying on the dock, under the shooting stars because I knew that they made each other happy.  I hope to be here with them year after year for the rest of our lives.  I hope to have this, this love and this family forever...  *happy sigh*

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another week goes by...

The last week was pretty uneventful.  J & Cheesemeister drove for swap this week since Kelley was traveling.  It was kind of nice to just stay home.  BB woke up twice that night, once with a nightmare and another time the thunder woke her and scared her.  The next morning my dad called while J was eating breakfast across the table and BB talked to him and J & were looking at each other waiting for her to say something to my dad about him being there or him being my boyfriend or something.  Luckily she didn't, but she did inform Cheesemeister that J is my boyfriend and he is my husband when he got home. Ahhh, kids...they're lucky they're cute.

This weekend Cheesemeister's family had a party on Saturday and then we went over to Kelley & J's afterward.  We almost all fell asleep on the couch (except J) and Kelley made a big breakfast Sunday morning and we ended up splitting up and going to see "Inception" which we all loved.  The girls got along really well while J & I were home and Kelley & Cheesemeister were at the movies.  Then I whipped up some pasta primevara with whole wheat pasta and organic vegetables (Kelley & J belong to an organic vegetable group where they get a large bag every week).  It wasn't great, but everyone ate it and said it's good to be loved.  ;-)

The main topic among our households is the vacation we're going on next week.  We're all heading north to the lake that Kelley's family has gone to for years for the whole week!  YAY!  We all really need it and I feel like I haven't seen Kelley in forever, so I'm looking forward to laying on the beach with her.  

Just another CRAZY week in the life of us CRAZY poly people....  or not.  LOLz

Oh, and J keeps saying he's going to blog on here.... but he hasn't.....  Ahem.  ;-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The 4th to present

Kelley, J & M came over last Friday night so we could go hang out with my family at my sister's on the Saturday before the 4th of July.  Everything was fine, we hung out, cooked and went to bed, sleeping with spouses since Thurs was swap night.  Saturday we got up, I made a big breakfast and Cheesemeister spilled a glass of milk all over Kelley's work laptop computer.  Not awesome.  She was really great about it and was not upset with him, though I think he wanted to die.  So Cheesemeister and J spent most of the morning taking it apart and cleaning it.  Luckily it DID start later when we got home...I was convinced it would never work again and we'd be dropping $2000 on a new laptop for her...WHEW!  The "A" key doesn't work, but otherwise it's fine, so we ordered her a new keyboard to put into it.  

Anyway, we're up there and after a couple hours I feel like Kelley and J are not having a good time.  There's some tension with the kids (my child, my niece and M).  So Kelley & J ended up leaving pretty quickly after dinner and I'm feeling like crap because I was really looking forward to the day and wanting my parents and family to get to know them better since I'd like to eventually share the details of our true realtionship with them ...  My parents were fine, my dad played with M and my mom I think was fine (she's been known to be a bit snobby).  My one sister (C) who doesn't know about it felt weird about them being there I think, since she felt like it was a "family only" type event.  My niece and BB were being bratty to M and that upset Cheesemeister and me....we ended up talking to BB about it, and I mentioned it to my sister and she spoke with my niece.  It just ended up that Kelley & J didn't have a good time, and that really made me sad.... So, the whole "coming out" thing strikes again.... would it have been WORSE had C known, or better?  I don't know....

This past weekend we were Sans-kids.  We stayed home for a spouse night Friday night and then Cheesemeister and I went over to Kelley & J's Saturday.  J ended up getting a call for work and worked all day (poor J) :-(  So Kelley, Cheesemeister and I all watched True Blood all day long, which was nice.  We went out for dinner and brought something back for J.

So, a "wild and crazy" kids-free weekend was a fail, but I was just as happy relaxing and sitting on my butt all day.  Sunday morning Kelley made a huge breakfast then went to the farmer's market and bought some tasty desserts, which we all shared (cause you know how we like to share).  Bwahahaha.  I ended up getting a text from S (my sister who was watching BB) asking us to be home by 2pm, so we had to leave there by 1pm.  Much much much too short of a visit.  :-( 

It's hard to say goodbye to them when we have to leave....  like, super hard.  So, I sit and fantasize about our commune..... one day.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm in ur kitchen..usin ur wireless interwebz...

Right now I am watching Amy look for a snack....they just went to the grocery store and are still sans food. It happens to everyone no?  What is she wearing you ask?  Gray sweatpanty capris...and the "My GF Wu is Strong" tank that we made last fourth of July. She's so sentimental.

Meanwhile...  J has arrived with my taco bell...Cheesemeister is doing some craft project. And I am about to eat.

Let's face it folks...the night is young :-)


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, an update on the job situation.  Cheesemeister ended up rescinding his acceptance of the job after talking with me Monday night.  He wasn't happy about it and stated that we'd be going into debt every month without him bringing in an income, which is probably true.  However, all in all, it was bringing in money or being there for everyone.  I felt that being there was more important and made it known that that's how I felt.  I encouraged him to see if they'd let him work part time, or ask for day shifts on the days he didn't have classes, but to him, life is black and white.  You take it or you don't.  He didn't want to take it, have it not work out and then leave because that's really not his personality.  So he is upset about it and I'm feeling guilty and crappy about it.  But, it was a lose-lose situation, and I think everyone was going to feel pretty unhappy no matter what happened.